english shepherd puppies legacy


Luna Petunia has grown up to be such a beautiful and regal looking dog.  She is smart, even tempered, gentle with and protective of the kids, such a snuggler, and eager to please.  She is always by our side and always an ever present playmate and companion to the children.  I cannot express in words how much joy and love she’s truly brought to our family.  We just adore her!!!  Thank you for taking your love, passion and time to raise such wonderful English Shepherds.  We are already talking about getting another one from you in the near future as we have just fallen head over heels in love with these dogs.  Thank you for pairing us with our precious Luna, she has truly been a blessing in our lives and I don’t know what we would do without her! 




Ms.Lilly May is such a smart and wonderful puppy. I am amazed at how well she has adapted to our family. Everyone in the family loves her but she knows Jayson is her master. She rides to school every day to drop him off and then goes home to wait. Usually I find her asleep on one of his tee shirts that he has left on the floor for her. When together, those two are inseparable. 

Please don’t hesitate to ask how she is doing. I don’t mind getting the chance to brag on her, she is the best dog our family has ever had. Oh…by the way…if I didn’t know any better I would have thought you had already house broke her before I brought her home! Not one accident!

Thank you for such a wonderful dog.

Rhonda & GarryCalifornia



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We have been enjoying Tucker’s company so much.  He loves playing ball and makes some TV-type Frisbee catches. Tucker is a good friend and the most intelligent dog I have ever owned. He listens to me and he remembers. Tucker can jump over me using my back as a springboard and when I figure out how to photograph that, I’ll send it to you. I feel very fortunate that I found you and that I am now owner of the best breed of dogs, the English Shepherd. Keep up your good work!


english shepherd athlete



Lucky is now 7.5 Months old and our sunshine. Julian Loves his dog and of course so do I.

She is very sociable, loves to greet everybody in the park, be it dog or human.  She is very playful and energetic, so we give her plenty of running time in the park. She shows interest in frisbee and can jump really high. but I have heard i should not make her jump until she is a year old. So we are not pushing that game yet. We take her to play golf and she loves to be able to run on those open spaces. For a big city dog she really gets a lot of off leash running time and has adapted very well. Afton, I must say that the way you described Lucky when she was a puppy ( only a month old) is very accurate, what a talent you have !  She is a very happy dog and we are very happy owners !

A big hug from Mexico!



englishshepherd pup

Just giving you an update on Declan. He has been one of the best dogs I’ve owned and has become a looker. He’s a wonderful show dog and received 3 purple ribbons over the last three months in both showmanship and rally. I am very proud of him. He sticks to me like velcro and is truly man’s best friend. I can’t thank you enough for breeding such wonderful dogs.




Gideon is doing GREAT!!! Everyone loves him. When I bring him to work/shop the customers ask for him by name:) One customer loves him so much he is looking into getting an ES for himself:) When people come in the shop he puts his paws up on counter to welcome customers and if I give him the ok he goes around and visits with them. Also he is really good about his “safe rules” at the shop…he doesn’t leave the showroom unless he is with me or gets the ok to go with one of the guys…also he is great about not leaving the garage when the doors are open. He stand right at the opening (all the guys watch out for him too.) 

Besides going to work with me we just started Search and Rescue training with a SAR group in our area.  We are in the “infant” stage of training but he is doing wonderful.  He catches on REALLY fast!!!!  The girl we do most of our training said that he is the type of dog they look for:) I just hope I can keep up with him on my half of the SAR training.  

Thank you again Gideon has been such a blessing to not just my family but to so many other people.  If all goes well with SAR training we hope to help more people in the future.

Joey & KathleenNew York