Process { Adopting Your Puppy }

To begin the process of adopting a Diamond Line English Shepherd puppy, please Contact Us.


Puppy Questionnaire.

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  • So, you have decided that an English Shepherd will be your next family member. The first step in our process is to make contact with us, by email or phone. Our information is on the Contact Us page. You will then receive by email our screening questionnaire.


Reserve Your Puppy.


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  • Once you have been approved as a future home for one of our puppies, you can reserve a place in line on our puppy waiting list. We will work with you to determine the best litter line-up for you according to your needs and desired qualities for your next dog.


Puppy Developement.

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  • All of our puppies are vibrant, happy, healthy individuals. Each one having been socialized, handled, and loved from the moment they are born. The puppies are raised on our ranch and we work with each puppy daily to expose them to different people, farm animals, sounds, objects and situations.  We firmly believe that the more they are handled and socialized when they are puppies, the more intelligent and confident they will be as adults.


Testing and Matching Process.

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  • Using the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test, we evaluate each puppy once the litter has reached 6 weeks of age.  This is the time that each individual personality and temperament is distinguishable.  Based on the aptitude test results, we will then match your puppy to you according to your needs and preferences.



Going Home.

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  • We require that our puppies stay with us until they reach 8 weeks of age. The timing is critical for them to learn from their mother and littermates proper behavior and respect for others.  You can either pick-up your puppy from our location or have your puppy flown to you.