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Adopting a Puppy

FAQ {Frequently Asked Questions}

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1 What is a “Diamond Line” English Shepherd like?

Each English Shepherd has its own unique personality, yet is governed by a distinguished set of core traits. These exclusive characteristics include being active, conditionally protective and passionately enchanted with you. Your English Shepherd will thrive best participating in as many daily, family activities as possible. It will need structure, purpose and an energetic outlet. As a puppy, it will also need consistent training and extensive socialization. Your daily routine and initial training process must provide these basic necessities. Your English Shepherd will know when its purpose is being neglected, will become concerned if its schedule is drastically altered, and might behave in an unruly manner when it is deprived of physical activities. Possessing a dog of such an intelligent caliber obligates a great responsibility, but the rewards are priceless. Your English Shepherd will have a powerful desire to please you and be appreciated. You can be assured, when its needs are met, it will be an attentive, loving companion.


2 How much do your English Shepherd Dogs weigh?

Expect your English Shepherd to weigh full-grown between 45-60 lbs. if a male or 35-50 lbs. if a female.


3 Do you ship your English Shepherd Puppies?

Yes. We have shipped our puppies all over the United States and abroad. Please contact us for further, case-specific details about shipping.

4 What do you feed your English Shepherds?

Nearly as important for your English Shepherd as socialization, structure, purpose and exercise, is a pristine, nutritious diet. Ultimately, your English Shepherd’s diet will be determined by you and your vet. Whether you decide upon a raw or a pre-packaged diet for your dog, quality is of utmost importance.

For us personally, after many years of researching and experimenting, we believe we have found the perfect blend of nutrients and flavor for our English Shepherds with Diamond Naturals® adult dog brands. If you would like to purchase a bag please visit the site: Diamond Naturals.     

                                  Or, if you plan to visit our ranch to obtain your puppy, grab yourself a bag then.


5 Where are you located?

We are located on a beautiful ranch, surrounded by woods in central Indiana, approximately 20 miles south of Indianapolis.


6 How much exercise does an English Shepherd need?

English Shepherds are historically farm dogs. Your English Shepherd’s ancestors would herd cows, bound across open plains and swim in broad, flowing rivers. They need plenty of exercise and room to run and also need mental stimulation. They are highly intelligent and require daily activities to keep them happy and healthy.

7 Do you ever have adult English Shepherds available?

We do not often have adult English Shepherds available; however, we will occasionally take in, rehabilitate and rehome rescue English Shepherds. If you are interested in an adult please contact us and check back regularly.



8 Do you ever offer or accept stud services?

Due to the rarity and integrity of our lines, we get many requests concerning stud service. We seldom accept. Purity and quality of our lines are our primary concern. If the potential dam/sire does not have excellent temperament, tone, and health screenings, not expect permission to interbreed with our lines. We take our breed lineage very seriously and accept nothing but the finest while creating Diamond Line prodigy.



9 What is the process for adopting a Diamond Line puppy?

Ready to get started and apply to be an English Shepherd owner? An overview of our puppy adopting process is explained on our Process Page.



If after reading this you are convinced the English Shepherd is the breed that suits you, we would be delighted if you contact us.