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  • Our Mission

    Increasingly, Diamond Line English Shepherds works toward standard and advanced obedience performance, so your dog will be your very best friend and a good neighbor. We breed dogs for companionability and the characteristics that make companionable dogs with an innate desire to please.

    The challenge we all face in creating these dogs is combining the science of breeding and the inheritable genetic traits that they carry with the vision of our ultimate English Shepherd Dog. All this while remaining true to the breeds’ traditions and background. Improving but not making it an animal that it was never meant to be, remaining true to the roots of this particular breed.

  • Breeding Philosophy

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    We have built our English Shepherd breeding program on the very best dams and sire we could acquire. We have an exceptional group of dams who breed predictably and beautifully. Top dogs with top quality conformation and rich pedigrees. We chose our dams by highly noted, successful sires. Not just beauty in looks but in temperament.  We feel this and the quality of the dam line are the keys to a successful breeding program.

    We are interested in dogs of excellent pedigree and, for us the key factor is the tail female line. It ensures a much higher possibility of producing quality of a dog. We also look for correct useful conformation in our breeding dogs. They are all kind in nature and train easily. Dogs of such beauty and charisma are the stuff dreams are made of.

  • The Art and Science

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    In today’s world, this is a logical question due to the advancement of science and technology. However, when you are dealing with a live animal such as the English Shepherd Dog the answer is a little of both, art AND science.

    Science, is inexact and ever changing but as applied to the process of breeding, it allows us to make selective choices and predictions in our breeding and genetics.  Art, is the ability of perception to create visual beauty by specifically applied choices of pairings/mating for a sire and dam and each breeding is an effort to create a more beautiful and wonderful resulting puppy.