Diamond Line Dam

Afton’s Scarlett Flame


Scarlett is a stunning beauty and is a third generation ES of our kennel. She is an elegant female with very deep and rich reds and mahogany coat colors- a rarity in the English Shepherd breed. She has strong bones and enormous athleticism with an unstoppable desire to work and please her handler.
Scarlett is everything I see that represents perfection wrapped up in one prestigious package. This girl simply has it all and should be the pillar by which all English Shepherd dogs are measured.  Scarlett is intelligent, disciplined, obedient, courageous, and her love for life is a daily reminder of what really makes life worth living.  She is a joy to love with, to look at, to work with, and at the day’s end, to relax with. She is always cheerful, expressive and eager to take on with full authority any direction that is given to her.
Red Sable
Weight: 49 lbs.


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