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    Purebred English Shepherd Puppies

    A dog is more than a pet, more than a companion, more than a family member. To us, a dog should embody the youthful romance of open fields and skies. He should evoke feelings of carefree innocence marked with long summer evenings.  A dog should rekindle the childhood fantasies in all of us, blurring the line between reality and imagination. He should inspire, comfort and refine, acting not only as an affectionate companion, but as a statement of class and glamour as well. To us, a dog is a timeless symbol of a vibrant life and youthful ideals. Dogs teach us, ameliorate us and embolden us. At Diamond Line English Shepherds, we seek to incorporate this classic vision of what a dog means to the world in every aspect of our purebred English Shepherd breeding program.

    An English Shepherd is more than a dog. An English Shepherd is a family member, a working partner, and a friend for life.

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      Diamond Line English Shepherds works toward standard and advanced obedience performance, so your dog will be your very best friend and a good neighbor.



    Client Testimonials


    Luna Petunia has grown up to be such a beautiful and regal looking dog.  She is smart, even tempered, gentle with and protective of the kids, such a snuggler, and eager to please… continue reading.


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    Why Choose an English Shepherd?

    • Learn just how luxurious owning a dog of this intelligence can be
    • Bond with a most dependable and affectionate companion
    • Relax knowing your dog’s temperament is child-friendly
    • Experience the pride of walking alongside a dog of unparalleled beauty and class
    • Enjoy the competitive athletic drive with which your shepherd will continue to amaze
    • Feel your shepherd’s admiration and desire to please
    • Become a part of the rich heritage of this exclusive and rare breed
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